Welcome to The Grand Vígľaš Hotel and Resort

Located in the heart of Slovakia and surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges that define this ancient land of kings and queens, you have entered a place steeped in rich history, timeless romance, and unmatched beauty. Now, in the tradition of the finest hotels in the world, the Grand Vígľaš – a fully-restored 13th century castle – invites you to enjoy the best this fabled destination has to offer. At the Grand Vígľaš, medieval architecture meets five-star elegance. During your stay, you will find state-of-the-art facilities, world-class dining, one-of-a-kind activities, and unrivaled extravagance around every corner. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or looking for a place to host your next event, wedding, conference or special occasion, be prepared to be swept up in magic that makes the Grand Vígľaš so extraordinary.