Grand Vígľaš

Activities in the area


Cultural monuments

–  Gotic church sacred to St. Martin from the beginning of the 14th century dominantes the village Čerín. It is one of the most precious cultural monuments in Banská Bystrica district.  Inside the church you can find well preserved medieval wall paintings and other valuable works of art.  Pride of this church is an impressive wooden bell tower from the 17th century, which is surrounded by a stone fortification wall.

– The fortification of this church was built at the time when Turkish army crossed the village of Čerín. At nowadays  both monuments have been restored.

– Modern two-storey gallery is surrounded by a spacious garden and it presents the life-work of artist Ján Kulich. The exhibition of his art works is commemorated annually in different themes.

– The gallery of Jan Kulich is located in the middle of Zvolenská Slatina, between the school and the Evangelical Church. In this gallery you can find Jan Kulich´s life-work, wooden statuaries from his childhood, sketches, drawings, paintings, medals, reliefs, smaller and larger sculptures.

– A copy of an armored train is located next to the railway station in Zvolen. This train is called Hurban, and it was produced by Slovak National Uprising workers in Zvolen. Originally there were three armored trains produced in Zvolen and they were called Hurban, Masaryk a Štefánik. These trains actively participated in the Slovak National Uprising.

– The exposed armored train is a copy made in 1974 for the film about Slovak National Uprising.

– The old castle of Zvolen is a large castle complex with an area of 7, 6 hectares. The most of the castle ruins lie on a rocky hill southwest of Zvolen in Javorie Mountains. Ruins of the castle are surrounded by forest.  The castle complex was built in four stages from the 12th till the 14th century. According to historic opinions, the old castle of Zvolen was built around 750. It was mainly a military fortress, which protected this important part of the country (crossroads of business routes). After the military fortress was dissmised, a royal castle was established and it became the seat of many Hungarian kings.

Wooden articular church Hronsek

– There are 5 Wooden Articular Churches in Slovakia. One of these five churches is located in a small village near Banská Bystrica called Hronsek. These unique wooden churches are very important national cultural monuments. Articular churches were built of wood without the use of a single nail. The church in Hronsek, was built in 1726.

Castle in Hronsek

– The Gothic-Renaissance lowland (water) castle in Hronsek is the oldest two-storey stone building in Slovakia. It was built by the royal family of Geczy in the 14th century.


– The castle was built between years 1370-1382 and it was built as a seat of Hungarian king Luise I. of the Anjou family. In 1548 it was rebuilt and fortified.Between years 1894-1906 the castle was preserved and after 1945 a general reconstruction took place. Nowadays the castle is the seat of the Slovak National Gallery. It is  located on a raised terrace near the center of Zvolen.

– the manor house is located in the village called Dolná Mičina, about 10 km from Banská Bystrica. It was built in Gothic style in the second half of the 16th century. In 1667 Tomáš Banický rebuilt it to its present form. The building has three floors with four round towers and a main tower with a staircase. In 1970-s, it was reconstructed and roofed. The reconstruction continued  in 1990 -s  but unfortunatly it wasn´t finished and today the manor house is not accessible. Entry is possible only at your own risk.

– The Renaissance manor house is located under the castle hill and it was built in 1670. Until 1945 it was owned by the Zichy´s royal family. After the II. World war, the Forest Administration offices were situated here. From 2011 to 2015, the manor house has undergone an extensive reconstruction, and nowadays the History Museum of Divín seats here. It offers to visitors an impresive tour to the history of the village and the castle . It also shows the natural beauty of the Divin surrounding areas. The courtyard of the manor house offers a pleasant space for relaxation.

It is a narrow-gauge forest railway line in Slovakia, which runs along the route Chvatimech – Hronec – Čierny Balog – Vydrovo.

– The railway was originally built to transport timber, because the capacity of the traditional way of transport was no longer sufficient to the needs of the growing industry. It was necessary to ensure smooth transport of timber throughout the year. The construction of the main part from Hronca to Čierny Balog  (10.4 km), began in 1908. The railway also took an important role in the Slovak National Uprising in 1944. It helped to provide rations and weapons to the soldiers, who were hiding in the forests.

During the summer tourist season from the 1st of May to the 15th of September it runs daily. It operats the reconstructed part of the line from Chvatimech to Čierny Balog and Vydrovska Valley (together 14 km). From the 16th of September to the 30th of April, it runs every Saturday from Chvatimech to Čierny Balog (12 km). Extra rides can be booked anytime.


Natural monuments

– is on the list of UNESCO natural monuments. Poľana Mountain is our highest volcanic mountain. On its highest peak it reaches 1458 meters. Because of the high protection level, there are only two recreation areas in this mountains: Horský hotel Poľana and Chata pod Hrbom.

– the importance of this protected area shows the amount of the natural attractions:

– 3 National Natural Reserves: Hrončecký grúň, Ľubietovský Vepor and Zadná Poľana.

– 1 national natural monument: Waterfall in Bystré,

– 7 natural monuments: Bátovský balvan, Havranka, Jánošíkova skala, Kalamárka, Melichova skala, Spády and Veporské skalky

– 7 Natural Reserves: Havranie skaly, Kopa, Mačinová, Pod Dudášom, Pri Bútľavke, Prislopy and Vrchslatina,

– 4 Protected Areas: Dolná Zálomská, Horná Chrapková, Hrochotská Bukovina and Meanders of Kamenistý potok


– is a mountain located in the Detvian side of Poľana. It has extremely rugged relief, which is suitable  and attractive  for rock climbers. You can find there one of the most beautiful climbing paths in Slovakia called The Indian.

– is a 30 m high rock tower. It was declared as a natural monument. Legend says that it was a jealous woman  who turned into a piece of rock on her way to the wedding.


– national natural monument The Bystré waterfall is located on the southern slopes of Poľana, about 8 km north of Hriňová. The waterfall is 23 meters high and it is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovakia. You can climb the waterfall by ladders and ropes.

– The closest way to the Bystré waterfall is from Chata Poľana – about 30 minutes. There is also a tourist path from Hriňová.


Bátovský balvan

– it is a natural monument in the Protected Area of Poľana. It is located on the left side of the road from Hrochoť to Kyslinky.

– It is a lonely, massive 14 meter tall and 8 m wide stone block.


– you can find this national natural monument between Čerín and Dolná Mičiná. It is one of the most important travertine locations in Slovakia.

They were formed around mineral springs. Some of these travertine forms have a loose shape and some of them have a flat shape.

– is situated in Vydrovska Valley in Horehronie region, about 1 km from the village of Čierny Balog. In this beautiful area of Veporské Vrchy you can see various exhibits that are dedicated to the history and present of forestry. The 3 km long path, called the Forestry Footpath, currently consists 75 stops. You can learn there why are forests so important to us and you can also learn how to protect them. Information boards and 3D exhibits are waiting for the visitors. Information boards are in Slovak and English language.

– In this open-air museum you can see a 100-year-old forest house with a museum. Various events, such as concerts are organised in this natural amphitheater. There is also a tourist office where you can buy souvenirs, snacks, refresments and a playground for children.

– is located on the southern side of Nízke Tatry, near tourist resorts of Tále and Mýto pod Ďumbierom. The cave has a character of a gap, and the decoration remindes of hanging curtains. Since 1971 some parts of Bystrianska cave have been used for speleotherapy.

– is located about 3 km north of the center of Zvolen. It spreads all over the southwestern slopes of the Zvolenské Vrchy. Arborétum Borová hora was established in 1965, when the planting was started. The first fenced area had an area of ​​28.38 hectares. This was gradually expanded and nowadays it has 47.84 ha. The Arborétum Borová hora has also experimental areas with a total area of ​​8.97 hectares. These experimental areas are used by the Technical University of Zvolen.


Spas and outdoor swimming pools

– is located in a beautiful environment and it gives ideal conditions for relaxation and regeneration. Several pools of differnet sizes are great for family visits, because each family member can find a suitable pool or water attraction. This thermal water swimming pool creates an attractive environment for visitors and holidaymakers who are looking for full physical and mental regeneration. In HolidayPark Kováčová you can find a main swimming pool (1050 m2, 26 ° C), kid´s swimming pool (216 m2, 33 ° C) and relaxation pool (1300 m2, 28 ° C). You can also play various sports and games.

– is located in a small village called Dolná Strehová, in the district of Veľký Krtíš, in the southern part of Banskobystrický region. Between 2009 – 2010 it went through an extensive reconstruction and nowadays it is a modern aquapark. It reopened for visitors in June 2011.

– Aquatermal Strehová has a capacity of 3000 people and it operates all year long. There are 9 swimming pools (3 indoor) available, with thermal water (temperature from 28 to 36 ° C). You can also find there a 57-meter long waterslide. The largest pool is a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool. Three swimming pools – kid´s, large relaxation with thermal water and a 5-meter-long hot water pool are located indoor. Aquatermal Strehová also includes a congress center with accommodation facilities and a leisure centre with several saunas (dry and infra), steam rooms, plunge pool, and  relaxation zone. Facilities include volleyball court, kid´s playground, tennis court, car park (for fee)), restaurant and fast foods.

– a large outdoor swimming pool is located in the area called Štiavničky. It is  full of greenery, there is a lake, 2 water slides and several mineral water pools. The capacity is 10,000 people who can spread over 12 hectares of land.

– one part of this outdoor swimming pool is a lake with an area of 2,50 ha and it is mainly used for boating and water bicycles. There are 6 swimming pools with a total water surface of 4 600 m2, 2 water slides, a special 4 – track water slide, kid ‘s theme park, 3 beach volleyball courts, 2 football fields , minigolf, bowling hall, badminton hall, table tennis facilities and water bicycles.

– For children, there are two kid’s 25-meter pools. Kid’s pools and one swimming pool are filled with special type of mineral water called Medokýš.


– is situated near the center of Zvolen in a pleasant environment of the water reservoir Zvolen-Môťová near the hill Zálužná.

– The complex offers comfortable accommodation in cottage style apartments. Apartments are all air-conditioned, fitted by a fireplace and two bedrooms with the possibility of an extra bed. The apartments are all en-suite. You can find there a satelite TV, hair dryer, a radio and a fully equipped kitchen.

– There are several swimming pools and saunas in this area. In this sports complex you can play tennis, beach volleyball (5 courts), beach football and speedminton.


– there are three outdoor swimming pools – large swimming pool (50 m), kid´s swimming pool  (15 m) with a small water slide, and there is also a shallow swimming pool with a fountain for the smallest children. The water temperature is around 23 ° C, only the kid’s pool is heated to about 27 ° C.


Sports and adrenaline activities

– This sports club offers action games and opportunities to spend time actively in every weather.

– They provide a fully prepared playground with all year long operation.


– offers the possibility of recreational horse riding, sports horse riding, hipotherapeutic riding, education about horses and horse riding.

– This complex is suitable for those who want to horse ride, or simply just relax. Masarykov dvor is perfect for experienced horse riders and also for beginners. But you don´t have to explore the surrounding areas only from the back of a horse, you can also see it from comfortable carriages.


– due to its excellent location in the south of Central Slovakia,it  is considered to be one of the warmest water reservoir in Slovakia. The water reservoir offers many sports opportunities for visitors and holiday makers. They can swim, surf or do other water sports. Region of Ružiná is very popular for fishing. The water reservoir and the surrounding recreational center is located near the village of Ružiná, 18 km north of Lučenec, towards Zvolen. As the reservoir is surrounded by forests it offers plenty of opportunities for hunters. Visitors of Ružiná water reservoir are able to rent boats and water bikes. There are also volleyball courts and tennis courts which can be used by the holidaymakers for free. The road around the water reservoir is great for cycling.


– is situated in the Kráľová recreation area, 10 km south of the center of Zvolen. The surrounding nature of Javorie is ideal for romantic horse riding trips. At the ranch, visitors can try western horse riding, available for all the visitors. You can enjoy sports, relaxation and refreshments in this beautiful natural environment.

– services include horse riding with experienced guides (age limitless) and horse riding lessons for adults and children.


– is located close to the airport Sliač, 5 km from the village of Badin. At nowadays you can find  there a playground with 18 holes. Of course there is also a training area for putting and a training green.

– This wonderful 18-hole course provides unique views across the area. Do not miss this special and unforgettable golf experience.


– This nice bobsleigh track is located on the right side of the slope next to the ski – lift station. It measures almost 900 m. During the ride you will experience a lot of adrenaline due to 7 jumps and 11 sharp turns. The maximum speed of the track is 45 km / h. You can get to the top of the track by a lift. It is forbidden to stop on the track, while driving,. Two people can fit into one cart at the time. Bobsleigh track also  operates during the winter season.



– Route no. 5551 – green, Suitable bikes: mountain or trekking bicycles Road character: asphalt, reinforced and unpaved forest roads. Route: Detva – Skliarovo – Hriňová – Detvianska Huta – Látky nad Rimavicou – Sihla – Kamenistá dolina – Tri Vody – Chata na Hrbe – Hutná dolina – Strelníky – Povrazník – Ponická Huta – Dúbravica – Čerín – Hrochot – Očová – Dúbravy – Detva

– Route no. 012 – red, Suitable bicycles: road, mountain, trekking. Route: asphalt roads Route: Zvolen – Zolná – Očová – Dúbravy – Detva – Zánemecká – Hriňová – Detvianska Huta – Látky – Polianky


– Route no. 013 – red, Suitable bicycles: mountain or trekking Roads: asphalt, reinforced and unpaved roads Route: Budina – Piešť – Podkriváň – Kriváň – Detva


– Route no. 011 – red, Suitable bicycles: mountain or trekking Roads: asphalt, reinforced and unpaved field roads Route: Záježová – Vígľašská Huta – Kalinka – Klokoč – Stožok – Detva


– Route no. 0026 – red, Suitable bikes: mountain or trekking Roads: asphalt, reinforced and unpaved forest roads Route: Lom nad Rimavicou – Sihla – Kamenistá dolina – Sv. Ján – Čierny Balog


Winter Activities

– new and modern ski resort is located in Veporske vrchy about  1.5 km from the center of Hriňová. The center of the ski resort can be accessed by car directly.

– The center of Košútka with a ski-lift station is situated at an altitude of 503 m. You can find there  a car park for 70 cars. There is also a multifunctional building with a cash desk, ski rental facilities, mountain services, toilets and a self-service restaurant. From the center of the complex there is one ski lift with a total length of 960 m, which takes the skiers to an altitude of 723 m. Slopes are located northeast and they provide great conditions for all skiers as well as snowboarders.


– is one of the most popular ski resort in Slovakia. The village of Donovaly is located between two National Parks, Nízke Tatry and Veľká Fatra. This ski resort is 25 km away From Banská Bystrica and 29 km from Ružomberok.

– The total length of the slopes is 11 km. Slopes are concentrated in two main areas – Zahradište and Nová Hoľa. These two areas are combined by three short ski lifts.

– Záhradište is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers.


– is located near the village called Látky in Veporské vrchy, close to the road II / 526 from Hriňová (12 km) to Kokava nad Rimavicou (18 km). This ski resort has two ski lifts and one cable way. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers . You can find there a ski and snowboard rental, ski school,  restaurant and  fast foods.


– is situated in Kremnické vrchy about 10 km from Banská Bystrica. It offers visitors slopes of easier difficulties. The transport for skiers is provided by an express 4- seater lift (670 m long and 120 m high), two ordinary ski-lifts and one cable way. For cross-country skiers, several kilometers of cross-country ski runs are located near this resort. There is a ski and snowboard school, a ski and snowboard rental, three snack bars and two restaurants. The slope under the cable way is illuminated for evening skiing.


– lies in a peaceful part of Slovenské Rudohorie, at an altitude of about 900 meters. It is located between two villages Hriňová and Kokava nad Rimavicou, about 1 km from the village Látky. This favourite ski resort operates for more than 15 years.

– Nowadays there are 2 ski-lifts which can transport 900 skiers per hour. Spacious slopes are oriented northeast, and they offer nice views on 1111-meter high mountain called Bykov. Slopes are suitable mainly for families with children, and beginners.

– surrounding areas are great for cross-country skiing, even for the most demanding cross-country skiers (2 km from the ski resort Látky – Kočanda is a cross-country ski resort Látky – Mláky with 10 km of cross-country ski runs).

– Látky Ski Resort – Kočanda also offers evening skiing. During Christmas holiday season there is evening skiing every day. Expect holiday season evening skiing takes place in this ski resort 3 times a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.